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Outsourcing Benefits

Leverage our expertise and focus on your core competencies.  Javtec maintains an experienced staff of IT professionals and has more than 10 years experience designing, developing and deploying highly available and scalable enterprise software solutions spanning multiple industries.  If you let Javtec do what we do best, you'll have the time to do what you do best.

Lower up-front costs, reduce risk and minimize time-to-market  Why waste precious time researching, purchasing, customizing, integrating and implementing applications internally?  Javtec provides robust and scalable solutions at a fraction of the cost and development time.  Javtec provides constant upgrades to keep your business ahead of your competition.

Reliable Support and Reliable Infrastructure.  Javtec is dedicated to providing the highest degree of client support and believe it is our competitive advantage.  Our infrastructure combines redundant Internet connections, back-up power, multiple servers and load balancing to provide an exceptional application performance and availability.