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Solutions Overview

Javtec can provide your organization with a complete IT business management solution - the one support call you ever need to make!  We will seamlessly combine all required modules from our software library and include ongoing customization, training and support. We have software for CRM, ERP, E-commerce, Loyalty Programs, E-Learning and Training, Web Casting, Conferencing, Monitoring, Document, Content and Project Management. We will even manage your networks, hosting, email and web design - all for a fixed monthly fee which costs far less than the salary of an entry level IT professional.  Javtec can give your business the peace of mind that a technical expert on staff brings.

Javtec was founded on the idea of a "Joint Application Venture" where Javtec and client agree to develop a derivative work from the company's existing solutions.  The new work is delivered securely as a hosted service for an agreed monthly fee and minimum term.  In the end, the client receives custom software that is fully supported and continuously upgraded without the initial cost or development time.

Everyone wants something they can call their own and software is no exception.  Our comprehensive suite of "base" software is tailored to the specific needs of our target industries, and further customized to each client.  Our software is fast and scalable, serving as a solid foundation for further development.  Lets face it, "out-of-the-box" is rarely good enough, why settle for anything less than custom software fit to your business processes.  Please use the left menu to review our solutions.